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Spiritual distant Healing

All healing energy comes from the same universal source.

Love for everyone and everything in its purest form. "Unconditional love" is the healer who receives and

channels on.

A spiritual healer is someone who in treatment makes use of his higher self and have psychic skills, healing

qualities and insights into the psychological and energetic structures in and around our bodies.

The healer will be led to places on your body where you need healing, and sometimes, if you are in need of it,

including an explanation of what the problem consists of, for example, trauma, values, ideas, images, etc. that

prevent you to live fully.

Even if it's you as the client who has ultimate responsibility for your health, it's the healer, client, and a higher

force that interact through the steps to healing. Teamwork!

The Healer acts as a channel, a tool of the spirit world. The energy frequency used is from a higher consciousness, from

the spirit world.

The energy helps and remove imbalances and blockages.

Spiritualism, spirituality, and mediumship is not a religion but a philosophy of life after death. To become a good healer

requires a longer period of "inner cleansing" a prerequisite so the energy can be channeled/transferred. The method is

a comfortable form of treatment and is often perceived as very restful and harmonious.

After a treatment you can get tired, calm, and sometimes a bit chilly, there are many processes that start in your


All Healing is a complementary/integrative energy therapy that can be used with traditional medicine or as a separate


 the healer helps the client / patient to balance the physical,

mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

What are the benefits of Healing?

*Pain relif

* Analgesia

* Accelerates the postoperative stocks recover / process

* Reduces or removes symptoms after chemotherapy / chemotherapy

* Reduce the stress

* Reduces anxiety and depression

* Strengthens and helps the immune system

* Improves mobility and recovery after surgery

* Reduces the use of analgesic medications postoperatively

* Increases well-being

* Reduces a row. agitated behavior in dementia (calming)

* Reduces the negative effects after trauma / chronic pain / and post traumatic stress

* Improves / increases the quality of life

* Establish or deepen a spiritual touch

Everything is Energy. Energy can not be destroyd, only transformed.

Healing How?

A liver is a liver just because it has its frequency. Any

organ vibrates at its frequency, and together they form a

symphony that is you! Thoughts and feelings are also


Have you been through difficult things in life that you can not

really process, can not let go of it may interfere with

the body as blockages. Maybe in a muscle or organ,

When disturbed frequency there. Disturbed many

organs or muscles frequencies so we lose the symphony.

This leads to diseases and illness. Physical and mental


During a healing treatment the healer act as a channel for healing energy to add and corrects the

energy so that your body will be able to recover and

become whole. The spiritual healer here work with the idea of that the  body, mind and spirit are one.

Healing is seen as a complement to medical care, not instead of medical care