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Spirituell healing med Erika

Hade väldigt ont i min högerarm ,domningar, dåliga reflexer och ingen kraft. Kunde inte arbeta utan låg mest till sängs pga smärta. Fick sjukgymnastik utan resultat. Efter 3 healingbehandlingar hos Erika är jag nu helt bra. Rekommenderar henne varmt.

Kerstin spetsmark

As I was standing at my new work, I was like, "oh my god", this is exactly what you described in the reading in August, and it was a happy moment. If I sent you a picture I think you would recognize it. Once again, just want to let you know how right you are in your abilities.

Geraldine Kieran – Creative director & radio host.

Speech and drama, acting, muscial theatre,

elocution teacher 

Du anar inte hur mycket jag lär av meditationerna.

Du är så klockren i ditt sätt att förmedla från andevärlden, tack och återigen tack

Helene norrman – samtalsterapeut

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Release blockages & get your energy flowing, embrace the godess you, - through meditations below

Listen to your feminine energy

Do you want to feel more feelings of pleasure & joy? 

Maybe you easily get feelings of guilt or feel feelings of anger. Maybe you have a wound or a relationship you want to let go of or heal.

Your Inner rose 


( 13 : 01 )

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Who are you beyond your blockages, - you are a radiant goddess full of love!

Maybe you want to increase your intuition or creativity?

Maybe you are looking for stress reduction & balance?

Maybe you simply want to dare to highlight more of yourself and learn to shift your energy?

Inner goddess meditation via a link, you can listen in your headphones

Inner goddess - color therapy 

( 10 : 05 )

meditation (Free)

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Personal designed meditation

Sometimes the clouds come & block the sun, just like life's unforeseen events, -But never forget that you always have the sun within you, -in your heart. Whatever happens.

What can you do today to pick out some of your inner sun?

What are your dreams?

Let go of limiting beliefs, and open up to your true feelings.

You can get what you want, - the key is to unlock your limited beliefs of what you are worth.

You are one with the infinite intelligence and your subconscious.

Your dreams are your guides & your destiny ...

When we start working with our subconscious through audio visualization, we open up to dreams and possibilities.

Personally designed meditation, how?


I sit down in meditation & open up to the infinite intelligence / my superconscious and superintuition to receive inspiration for your particular meditation.

I write down what comes to me.


I also open up to be a channel for healing energy and put the intention/ the energy that you want to manifest into the meditation, - (Just as some fill bracelets, stones, and more with a specific intention).


I use guidelines on how to write a meditation/visualization as well as my knowledge and skills through my various educations in health - / body/mind/spirit - over the years (with more experience over a decade).

Write to me - what are your stress? struggles? What are your dreams? And goals? - You will fill in a form so I get an overall picture of you, - for the best possible meditation/visualization.


Finally, I write down your meditation based on these different pieces (guidelines / your desires/intention) & record it for you.

Then it is sent as a link that you can easily press & listen to, for example, on your phone❤️

Warmly welcome to write to me & order ❤️

What do you want to let go of?

What are your dreams?

50 euro


Payment is via PayPal or Swish