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Women’s healing 

Spirituell Energi Healing Coach -

för att släppa taget om stress & blockeringar

- för din release!


Release blockages & get your energy flowing, embrace the godess you, - through meditations below

Listen to your feminine energy

Do you want to feel more feelings of pleasure & joy? 

Maybe you easily get feelings of guilt or feel feelings of anger. Maybe you have a wound or a relationship you want to let go of or heal.

Your Inner rose 


( 13 : 01 )

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Who are you beyond your blockages, - you are a radiant goddess full of love!

Maybe you want to increase your intuition or creativity?

Maybe you are looking for stress reduction & balance?

Maybe you simply want to dare to highlight more of yourself and learn to shift your energy?

Inner goddess meditation via a link, you can listen in your headphones

Inner goddess - color therapy 

( 10 : 05 )

meditation (Free)

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Spiritual Remote healing

3 in 1

 -Spiritueal (energy) remote healing

tarot or angel card

meditation for further release & healing -

Healing to release blockage & stress.

For 30 min, Erika is a channel to channel Spiritual Energy Healing via spirit.

Make sure you make the session a time of self-love & Self-care.

Why not light a candle or put on some beautiful music?

After Erika has channeled the healing she draws an angel or tarot card for you. For you to get insight in how the energies are around you know, and what you can focus on. 

Feedback & guidance will be sent to your email & you Will Also get a inner Child healing meditation sent to you via a link for your further healing & release.

Don't forget to send a photo, for me to tune into your energies. (It’s enough with a portrait)

40 min/ 350:- sek

Payment is in advance via Pay Pal

Warmly welcome to book here 

Subtitling / audiovizual translation

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