Women’s Healing

~Release & let go

.Hade väldigt ont i min högerarm ,domningar, dåliga reflexer och ingen kraft. Kunde inte arbeta utan låg mest till sängs pga smärta. Fick sjukgymnastik utan resultat. Efter 3 healingbehandlingar hos Erika är jag nu helt bra. Rekommenderar henne varmt.

/Kerstin spetsmark

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Audio meditation - gifts 

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Spiritual energy (distance) healing

Release blockages & get your energy flowing, embrace the godess you, - through meditations below

Listen to your feminine energy

Do you want to feel more feelings of pleasure & joy? 

Maybe you easily get feelings of guilt or feel feelings of anger. Maybe you have a wound or a relationship you want to let go of or heal.

Your Inner rose 


( 13 : 01 )

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Who are you beyond your blockages, - you are a radiant goddess full of love!

Maybe you want to increase your intuition or creativity?

Maybe you are looking for stress reduction & balance?

Maybe you simply want to dare to highlight more of yourself and learn to shift your energy?

Inner goddess meditation via a link, you can listen in your headphones

Inner goddess - color therapy 

( 10 : 05 )

meditation (Free)

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Spiritual Remote healing

3 in 1

 -Spiritueal (energy) remote healing

tarot or angel card

meditation for further release & healing -

Healing to release blockage & stress.

For 25 min, Erika is a channel to channel Spiritual Energy Healing via spirit.

Make sure you make the session a time of self-love & Self-care.

Why not light a candle or put on some beautiful music?

After Erika has channeled the healing she sends you feedback via e-mail or Audio together with  an angel card for you.

Feedback & guidance will be sent to your email & you Will Also get a inner Child healing meditation sent to you via a link for your further healing & release.

Don't forget to send a photo, for me to tune into your energies. (It’s enough with a portrait)

Payment is in advance via Pay Pal

Warmly welcome to book here 

Cost; 25 euro