"Du är en skattkista erika"

/Johanna Wahlgren



Women´s healing 

Kanske kan jag hjälpa ditt hjärta att finna ro & inspiration?

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Listen to your feminine energy

Do you want to feel more feelings of pleasure & joy? 

Maybe you easily get feelings of guilt or feel feelings of anger. Maybe you have a wound or a relationship you want to let go of or heal.

Your Inner rose 


( 13 : 01 )

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Who are you beyond your blockages, - you are a radiant goddess full of love!

Maybe you want to increase your intuition or creativity?

Maybe you are looking for stress reduction & balance?

Maybe you simply want to dare to highlight more of yourself and learn to shift your energy?

Inner goddess meditation via a link, you can listen in your headphones

Afterwards, you can choose to create on a mandala or freely on a canvas och paper, then you can choose to send this painting to me or via text, what you received inside, colors, numbers, animals... What you felt, tought about, or any visions you had inside, and get an intuitive art interpretation with guidance for you via e-mail. 


Inner goddess - color therapymeditation is for free, click below.

You can also choose to book with an interpretation,

+ intuitive art interpretation sent via e-mail: 10 euro (payment via pay pal).

Inner goddess - color therapy 

( 10 : 05 )

meditation (Free)

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Welcome the summer with new healing energy through a godess meditation

Erika is a swedish international healer that been working in Ireland and Sweden. She helps women on their healing journey... When the pandemic came she closed her clinic but you can find her online. She creates meditations & visualizations for her clients to reach their goals & stand in their power when meeting challenges, & for that extra pushing in the right direction you can book your meditation with distant healing. Erika has clients like entrepreneurs, artists, therapists, and clients with exhaustion & pain. You also find Intuitive & healing Art here, maybe for a very personal gift to a special friend... Or a loving gift to the most important person in your life - you.

She now lives in Sweden and is also working as a freelance project assistant with transcription, (transcriber) & translation. She is mother to a beautiful daughter and a wife to a loving husband.