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Women´s healing Online

E N G L I S H 

c l i c k   h e r e  

Spiritual energy (remote) healing & intuitive reading of energy blockages & provides healing tools.

Spiritual remote healing 

A spiritual healer is someone who in treatment uses his higher self, has insights into psychological and energetic structures in and around our body. 

Erika has gone through a lot of pains in her body and learned a lot about the energy structures in our bodies and she loves to help her clients to come back to who they are. Which is Love.

She works in a holistic approach. (body-mind-spirit)

After the remote healing you get an personal letter (sent by em-mail) with feedback on which chakra/ chakras carries energy blockages, and some healing steps you can do. During the healing you work on getting the energy to flow freely. Read more below -

You also get a personal message from one oracle card.

Are you ready?

How does it work?

You can contact me here, or via FB or Instagram, You make the payment after we decided a time.

We decide a time I will send the spiritual energy healing.

You send me a photo so I can tune in to your energies, You don't have to but it is great if you can lie down and relax during our appointment or sit quietly in nature or what you prefer, just focus on receiving the healing energy and breathing. I am a channel for the healing energy and healing can be sent by distance.

After 30 minutes we are finished and I will send you an e-mail with feedback that comes about 15 minutes after the 30 min healing sessio.

I will also draw a oracle card (chakra) with a personal message for you. 

Price: 49 euro

+ 3 oracle cards with emotional & spiritual guidance (chakra focus)

59 euro 

You can make the payment via Pay Pal.


(connecting to your energy body via long distance)

A psychic healer have the ability to locate energy blockages.

Erika loves to empower women through spiritual remote healing, Art life coaching & creating meditations as a tool for you to be happy, feel healthy, relaxed & experience abundance, creativity, increase your intuition & growth.

Erika at Women’s healing online ended up on radio with her business HealingYou in Ireland & had clients from all over Europe. In Ireland, she fell in love with all the MamaCare and also educated herself at MamaBabyBliss. Ireland will always have a special place in Erikas heart.

She is swedish and has worked with wellness both in Sweden and abroad for about 17 years starting in a gym. She now runs her business online and loves to empower women through spiritual remote healing  & guided meditations. A combination of unconditional love and honesty (tell things as they are) Self-love and guidance back to who you are, which is LOVE, you can heal. Everyone can heal when we begin to accept the power of unconditional love. You are worthy! You are Love!

Erika also provides soul paintings and is working as a freelance translator & content writer.

There are many physical, emotional and spiritual conditions that may benefit from Remote Spiritual Healing Sessions. These are just a few...

•Relief from physical pain

•Assistance with injury recovery

•Balancing chakras and mind which directly effect the healing process of the physical body

•Help with body systems and their balance/function

•Hormonal imbalances

•Bone Fractures

•Low energy levels

•Menopausal symptoms

•Headaches and migraines

•Joint pain

•Fears & phobias

•Stress Relief

•Chakra Balancing

💗Distance energy healing (also known as remote or absent healing), is a form of healing which is transferred via Universal energy (which we are all connected to) to the client in their absence. Erika facilitates this through her healing guides, and channels the guided healing to her clients.❤️

"You can write whatever you want my dear. Cause you truly have healing hands, and I haven`t come across anyone in the whole of Southeast Asia who could come close to you"

/Syd Delz


So, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the energy healing I provide.

The energy healing I provide has a tendency to work a lot on the physical body. So, mostly I had lots of clients with body pain. Like for example rheumatism & fibro & migraines & Lots of stress. Also struggling with love. I am clairsent & clairvoyant. Mostly clairsent as I feel The energy blockages of My clients in My body, & we work on getting The energy blockages to flow freely. You have chakras all over your body, like spinning wheels of energy, when life through something in your way that you have trouble letting go of, it could be on an emotional level, physical, etc, it can be like "energy knots"(simply explained) =lead to physical & emotional pain & with energy healing we work on getting The energy to flow freely again=Letting go of pain=happiness. I got free from for example a  Tae kwon do injury and migraines after giving birth and The epidural was wrongly set. It is My favorite therapy